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Remote Managers


Agency Owners




FractalPM is an all-in-one project management tool that helps you manage all your professional and personal projects.

Features that lets you manage all your multiple projects & tasks

Create & manage new projects or tasks from work, home or anywhere

Create projects
Invite collaborators
Assign tasks
Track Progress

Plan and execute faster

Move from just having ideas to getting work done without procrastinating

Create projects with ease
Outline tasks & automate workflow
Configure project management preference (kanban, etc)

Collaborate on projects and easily assign tasks

Whether you are working as a team or alone, anywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter, bring everything into one central location

Invite Collaborators
Set up & allocate access control
Share information, updates with ease

Track & measure progress

Receive real-time notifications across all your projects & tasks when you assign them to collaborators

Assign KPIs
Get real-time alerts & notifications
Visualize progress with eye-candy dashboards & reports
What is FractalPM?

FractalPM is a project management tool that makes it easy to manage and keep track of multiple projects relating to your work and personal life. Whether you are an agency owner who accepts multiple projects and tasks from clients, or you are the owner of a retail bakery store, FractalPM makes it seamless to manage everything.

By combining professional and personal tasks in a single app, users will be able to more effectively manage what needs to be done and free themselves from the burden of checking multiple task lists and the worry of something falling through the cracks.

Who should use FractalPM?

FractalPM can be used by Remote Managers, Agency Owners, Contractors, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and pretty much anyone looking to manage their work & daily life in a more productive and organized manner.

Think of FractalPM as a place where you can plan & organize all your projects as well as other projects with your friends, family, colleagues, or coworkers all without leaving the app.

What makes FractalPM different?

The main difference is we put you first. Compared to most project management tools out there, FractalPM's functionalities are built to support someone who owns multiple projects or multiple teams.

FractalPM allows you to sync all your work into a unified task list which enables a better workflow system with your clients/friends/colleagues, etc.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is 100% secure with FractalPM. FractalPM does not own your data and will not sell it to third parties.

The data you provide us will solely be used to communicate with you, process payments, and fulfill our business promises to you.

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